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Who are we?

We are four friends from Norway and Finland. We founded The Nordic Sock Company with the goal of bringing warm socks to countries that don’t usually have the high quality, warm socks we are used to in the Nordics.


Where are the socks made?

All of our socks are produced in Europe. All of our yarns are sourced from European suppliers. 


I think I found a counterfeit version of your socks online? 

Recently there have been a number of stores that have popped up with very similar names and branding to ours. We get a lot of their angry customers contacting us. Please check very carefully the URL of the website you are buying from. We are ‘’ and our email address is ‘’, if you bought socks from a different URL you have not ordered from us. We only sell our socks through or through Amazon. We do not advertise on Facebook or Instagram, if you bought socks through a Facebook or Instagram ad you have not ordered from us. 

Please check the website URL you ordered through or the email address you received a confirmation email from to clarify whether you have purchased socks from us.


Were your socks featured in British Vogue? 

Yes, we were very lucky to have them featured in a shoot by Venetia Scott and Juergen Teller, in the November 2020 issue. We are very grateful to them. You can see some of the shots from the shoot here.  


Are all the socks handmade? 

Only socks clearly labelled as ‘Hand-crafted’ or ‘Handmade’ are hand knitted. Our handmade socks are featured in the video below. We can do special commissions on handmade socks, but please be aware that these take a long time to make and need to be posted from Finland so will take time to get to you. If you are happy waiting then please get in touch with your shoe size and we can see if we can make something happen.